Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard has written 11 posts for Expressions of Islam in Contemporary African American Communities

Scholars, Artists Discuss African American Muslim Experience

Scholars, artists, and community activists convened this weekend at the fourth annual Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program Conference to discuss the experience of African American Muslims and approaches to uniting indigenous and immigrant Muslim communities. “We don’t have a set agenda. We’re just trying to foster a dialogue,” said professor Ali S. Asani … Continue reading

A slice of African American Muslim tradition

CNN photojournalist Anthony Umrani writes about bean pies, “a creation born out of the strict dietary code of the Nation of Islam,” for CNN’s Belief Blog. Delving into NOI dietary laws, Umrani writes: “In accordance with Islamic law, pork was prohibited, but there was a list of other banned foods that could not be explained … Continue reading

The ’30 Mosques’ Snapshot of African American Islam

For the last three years, New Yorkers Bassam Tariq and Aman Ali have spent the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan traveling first around New York, then around the country visiting mosques as the 30 Mosques in 30 Days Project, documenting their travels on These journeys brought them into contact with the immense diversity of … Continue reading

Black and Blue: Remembering Islam and Hip Hop

Black and Blue: Remembering Islam and Hip Hop Suad Abdul Khabeer, The Islamic Monthly “I don’t care what people say | I’m gonna do this hip-hop anyway | I don’t care what people scream | I’m gonna follow my, I’m gonna follow my | Beat me till I’m black and blue | Freedom comes in … Continue reading

NPR’s “A History of Black Muslims in America”

In a 2005 National Public Radio show, Allison Keyes interviewed Howard University African Studies Professor Sulayman Nyang, who traces the history of black Muslims in America beginning under slavery. Listen here.

Why I Am a Five Percenter, the Religion Dispatches review

Hussein Rashid reviews Michael Muhammad Knight’s Why I Am a Five Percenter in Religion Dispatches: Living Between Worlds: Muslim, American, Five Percenter

Malcolm X: The Paragon of Self-Transformation

Muqtedar Khan, The Huffington Post The month of February is celebrated as Black History Month in America. It is also during this month that Malcolm X, an African American Muslim minister and civil rights activist, died in 1965. His legacy is important for Muslims and non-Muslims alike — and one that has influenced many American … Continue reading

WLOX: Muslims looking for ways to better African American communities

Danielle Thomas BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – The epidemic of African American men in prison has a South Mississippi community of faith looking for solutions. On Sunday, the Biloxi Islamic Center celebrated both Black History Month and Savior’s Day. Members said Savior’s Day is a time when they reflect on the history, present, and future of … Continue reading

Speaker Spotlight: Amir Sulaiman & The Meccan Openings

Poet Amir Sulaiman discusses his most recent project, entitled The Meccan Openings, in this short film by Justin Mashouf.

Speaker Spotlight: Mustafa Davis

Mustafa Davis is a Muslim American filmmaker and photographer whose diverse portfolio addresses, among other things, issues of contemporary Muslim American identity. Davis’ film DeenTight “reaches down to a deep place in the Islamic discourse” to examine the powerful role that hip-hop plays among Muslims Americans and especially within the African American Muslim community. DEENTIGHT:::trailer … Continue reading