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Black and Blue: Remembering Islam and Hip Hop

Black and Blue: Remembering Islam and Hip Hop Suad Abdul Khabeer, The Islamic Monthly “I don’t care what people say | I’m gonna do this hip-hop anyway | I don’t care what people scream | I’m gonna follow my, I’m gonna follow my | Beat me till I’m black and blue | Freedom comes in … Continue reading

Why I Am a Five Percenter, the Religion Dispatches review

Hussein Rashid reviews Michael Muhammad Knight’s Why I Am a Five Percenter in Religion Dispatches: Living Between Worlds: Muslim, American, Five Percenter

Speaker Spotlight: Amir Sulaiman & The Meccan Openings

Poet Amir Sulaiman discusses his most recent project, entitled The Meccan Openings, in this short film by Justin Mashouf.

Speaker Spotlight: Mustafa Davis

Mustafa Davis is a Muslim American filmmaker and photographer whose diverse portfolio addresses, among other things, issues of contemporary Muslim American identity. Davis’ film DeenTight “reaches down to a deep place in the Islamic discourse” to examine the powerful role that hip-hop plays among Muslims Americans and especially within the African American Muslim community. DEENTIGHT:::trailer … Continue reading